How to Start a Blog for Passive Income with Digital Products in 2023

Passive Income Ideas (2024) for beginners.

If you’re new to the world of passive income, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. But don’t worry!

Passive income ideas emerged when a person wants to generate an extra flow of money along with their other jobs. Many peoples are earning right now with this strategy.

They have created such sources which generate income constantly, without taking much active participation in that side hustle.

Your passive income streams will be your powerful support for life long. You will always feel confident about your financial shortcomings. It will keep your purse full of money.

These passive income setups are the best way to get financial freedom while doing other tasks.

But you must understand that nothing is going to change until you take action. Give time to learn skills and invest some money to run a selected stream.

Nowadays everyone on the internet is sharing passive income tips. Only a few are sharing the right strategies who already established brands.

let me explain from scratch, firstly we should understand what is means by passive income.

passive income is a money-making order in which you don’t actively involve but you get the desired earnings. But In the initial stage, there needs a lot of hard work, zeal, and unbelievable patience.

How to Start a Blog for Passive Income with Digital Products
Create or select a digital product

furthermore, it is not a quick-rich scheme that in the initial step you get a million dollars at once. Whatever is required in the active income model, up to some extent same eligibility is there. It is not too easy as shown in the claims.

At first, you needed some investment, sleepless nights for working any stream then waiting for earnings. Understand it with an example. If you have any rental property, what do you do with that?

you will keep that clean and maintain it continuously for the sake of benefit. To run passive income streams, it is necessary to keep your stream updated and maintain it like the active model.

Passive Income Ideas 2023 for beginners with digital products!


Passive income can be a great way to supplement your income and have some extra money flow in your pocket. It can also be a great way to have some extra money to save and grow.

In this article, we will provide a brief introduction to passive income and discuss some ways you can start generating some passive income for yourself.

Simply put, passive income is income that you earn without having to do much work. This might sound like a dream come true, but it’s actually not that hard to achieve.

Here’s a quick introduction to a passive income for beginners:

  1. Start with a small goal.

Don’t try to achieve passive income goals that are too big right off the bat. Start small by setting a goal to earn $10 per month from passive income. Once you’ve achieved this goal, you can then increase your goal to $20 per month, or whatever you feel comfortable with.

  1. Diversify your portfolio.

Passive income comes from a variety of sources, so it’s important to diversify your portfolio. This means investing in different types of assets, including stocks, and digital products.

let’s move ahead to understand the basic difference between active and passive income streams

Difference between active and passive income sources.

Passive Income Sources

Passive income is income that is generated from a source that requires little to no ongoing effort to maintain. This could include income from investments, rental properties, or a business in which the owner is not actively involved.

passive income has the potential to provide a more stable and consistent stream of income.

Additionally, passive income has the potential to provide more long-term financial security, as it is not tied to the individual’s ability to work. However, it can be more difficult to generate significant passive income and it may require a significant upfront investment.

your website, youtube channels are forms of passive income streams.

Active Income Sources

Active income, on the other hand, is income that is earned through active involvement or effort. This could include income from a job, a business in which the owner is actively involved, or any other type of work that requires ongoing effort.

while active income is more dependent on the amount of time and effort the individual is willing and able to put into it.

Required investment as long as you want to scale it.

your jobs and side hustling are the forms of active income streams.

How to create digital products for passive income flow?

Most people are searching for this question on Google or Youtube. I know a lot of recommendations appear on google from different websites. I have created this blog post for those people after choosing the best ones among all passive income streams of digital marketing. but is this idea works for everyone?

Yes! but before explaining to them I think you should know these basic principles it is mandatory to keep them in mind. because you may be distracted while working on them or you can’t choose the right stream with the right order.

  • know your capability/talent about related streams.
  • choose one of them and start learning first.
  • know all the top-level influencers in that field.
  • choose one platform for starting first.
  • keep collecting the materials related to that stream in your notes.

Let’s get started

1. Start blogging

Your blog is an additional forum, along with your social media platforms. In layman’s terms, you’ve opened an online store, or it’s your online address, where you’ll call people to read their needs and fulfill them.

Start blogging as a passive income
Start blogging as a passive income

Blogging is the best way to earn while sleeping, but it’s not as easy as it seems. This process takes time because, in the blogging field, SEO [ search engine optimization] is one of the matters of focus. It takes time to rank your blog. You can’t earn a single dollar if you don’t give attention to it.

SEO is the most sensitive part of blogging, so if you want to learn more about it from scratch you should read more blogs as well as watch tutorials on youtube. for SEO guidance Brain Daien is the perfect guy who discusses it very well. Go and read and check his resources.


To start a blog you have required a domain name [A URL by which people find your brand on the internet]. There are many domain providers on the internet with different rates.


Secondary Hosting [ buying online storage for your blog files and other data], hosting plays the main role in your blog. Do more research before buying any hosting and check the features of every hosting provider company.

the hosting services of hosting are very impressive, everything is performing well whatever they have featured on their dashboard.

The best and forever recommended hosting websites are mentioned below.

Secondary requirements;

  • Give proper time to analyze various blog posts.
  • Invest a little amount of money.
  • Improve your content writing skill
  • Understand the process of search engine optimization.
  • If you couldn’t pay web designers then know the basics of WordPress.

So, the matter of discussion is how you can earn from blogging. it’s quite simple after focusing on these principles which I mention above. you can earn a lot of money through your blog but firstly utilize your skills and then focus on your blog audience because your money is with your blog’s traffic

Ways of earning through the blog;

  • Monetization through google ads sense.
  • affiliate products promotions.
  • sponsorships of various brands.
  • Create your own products.

When you will customize your blog and create some blog posts you have to go on google ads sense and monetize your website or blog for ads, google ads sense will review your blog. After a week or fourteen days, ads become visible on your blog. thus your online earnings start from here.

Second, start promoting other people’s or company’s products on your blog on the behalf of the commission. you can write detailed reviews of their products whenever you make any sale you get a commission from it.

Third, sponsoring is also a great way to earn through your blog, but let’s first understand the procedure of sponsorship.

When your blog’s audience increases start searching for brands that are similar to your niche. firstly create an advertising page or sponsor page on your blog, if your blog will have good traffic brands will direct contact you, if not then try to locate them and provide offers of sponsorship with the claim of your audience and show the media kit of your blog.

All you have to do is write a review content about their product along with features but keep in your mind that the product must be related to your niche and acceptable for the audience.

Fourth, you can create your digital product, it can be your niche-based course, marketing tool, e-book, or tutorials. thus you have an audience you can also utilize this opportunity.


Read our Blogging guide completely you will figure out the whole process of it.

2. Make a Youtube channel with evergreen content.

Youtube is the fastest-growing platform along with google. people are consuming a lot of content on youtube daily basis. If you put your efforts on youtube with the right niche and create evergreen content about it, no one can stop your growth and earnings.

Youtube paid a lot of money to every content creator who works consistently and provides valuable content to the audience. Before starting a youtube channel first know your ability and choose the right niche and create evergreen content around it. Also, learn its SEO strategies, as well as, full fill the basic criteria of youtube for monetization.


You can make it your passive income stream, but it requires a lot of effort and consistency at the upfront phase.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income. let me explain it, affiliate marketing means promoting someone’s or a company’s product for the sake of commission. affiliates promote other people’s products through their provided link, on their website, youtube channel, or through advertisement and make commission after getting sales.


Affiliate marketing is cheap to start but without an audience it is nothing. Focus on building your audience first in health, wealth, or relationship niche on any platform. keep providing them with valuable content and giveaways consistently, so that you will be able to promote and can give recommendations for any product for which you have an affiliate partner.


If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing you should read our Affiliate marketing guide. which covers all the forms of affiliate marketing and how to do it in the right manner. Start learning right now and get a mastery over it.

4. Create a digital course

If you know any skill whether it is physical or digital make its video content form and start promoting through ad campaigns on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Is it possible? yes, many entrepreneurs are doing the same. I will give you an example of it.

He promotes his affiliate marketing course through ads. if I call him advertising master it wouldn’t be wrong. He has generated revenue millions with just his one course.

The secret is that his course has also an affiliate program. whoever buys his course also became an affiliate partner and promotes it to others. thus his course proves the formula of earning with the passive income model

5. Write an e-book

Apart from courses, you can write an e-book on the behalf of your past experiences and knowledge about a particular field. what’s after writing an e-book?

Don’t worry, there are many websites that publish e-books free of cost on their platforms. whenever anyone buys your e-book, the website takes a little bit of commission from it. your profit is directly transferred to your account.

You can publish your e-book on the website given below. these websites are specially designed for this purpose.

These platforms will help you in generating passive income. As per our knowledge and experience, some of them are very popular Amazon kindle, Payhip, Smashwords, and Blurb.

6. Creating digital products.

In this digital world, some people will become millionaires in a short period of time by using skills smartly. One main thing which I observed, is that they have created digital products along with their businesses and sell them repeatedly.

but let’s first know what is a digital product.

In simple terms creating such a product whose manufacturing will be held at once digitally-not physically and selling it, again and again. These types of products neither require any warehouse nor inventory. these products have very high margins.

these products include website themes, printable files, educational online courses, membership websites, applications, templates, tools, webinars software

pis 2022 by website themes.

ThemeForest is a digital product in theme form.

The field of digital products is very vast. Utilize your skills and some investment in designing digital products. After the completion of the design process, promote it on various marketplaces.

When the user of your product increase, firstly give access to some features of your product freely while on other features take the premium charges. So it will make your passive income flow.

7. Social media influencer marketing

Everyone among us uses social media for different purposes. Some guys are very smart about the use of social media. Yes, I’m talking about influencer marketing. Let us know first who is a social media influencer.

Inflencer marketing
Influencer marketing

A social media influencer is a person who uses his social media platforms via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, etc for promoting various products to his followers who are specific to his niche. they have expertise in content creation and its delivery strategies and have good relationships with their followers.

They win the trust of their followers whenever they address them they get their full attention.

If you have a huge follower list, you must benefit from it. Select your niche and get in touch with your followers. Create short video ads, as well as banner ads, give recommendations for usage, and tell all the benefits first, then the features of your product.

Other brands who have alike niches, pay a lot of money to influencers for promoting their brands in front of their followers.

SMI is also a great way for making passive income possible. you can read the earning reports of influencers on google.

8. Selling Photos Online

Photography is somehow interlinked with everyone, how will you feel if your earnings start with photography? photography passionate read this guide carefully.

A lot of content is published on the internet daily, and many content creators, graphic designers, and bloggers have required a lot of pictures for their blogs, websites, and art to look lucrative.

How do they full fill their needs? they get pictures from various image stocks websites. many websites on the internet buy pictures from photographers with varying commission rates and sell them to other needy persons.

9. Create your Dropshipping Store

The last model is dropshipping store. Dropshipping store is not an uneven thing, it is similar to a store of things but in digital form. You neither have to create any product for your store nor inventory for enlisting products.

How does the dropshipping model work?

This model is quite simple.

The store owner sells enlisted products directly to consumers without having any stock of products or inventory. When a customer purchases anything from the store, the drop shipper forwards the customer’s information to the supplier.

The supplier fulfills the order and delivers it directly to the customer. Dropshipping store works as a bridge between the supplier and the customer. But the store owner fixed the product prices on his own and earns some profit over the supplier prices.

Dropshipping stores revolve around a specific niche. Only such products are enlisted in stores that are similar to that niche.  To work on automation dropshipping stores are managed with automation tools. these tools automatically send order information to your supplier, who full fills your customer’s order.

On the setup of the dropshipping store, you get full relaxation from the active participating efforts. Dropshipping stores can make your passive income flow assured with much ease.


All the discussions we mentioned above are emphasizing how to set these simple passive income streams. But you must work hard for running mentioned streams. Invest your time and skills first then wait for the outcomes of your labor. These 9 simple passive income streams are the most popular on the internet, every known brand has interrelated with these models.

Choose any one stream, and start learning first from all perspectives. Take action for establishing your brand and put some effort upfront until your brand starts to generate passive income. Nowadays everyone has uncounted opportunities to make passive income possible. but your mindset will tell you what to do and don’t. keep going and analyzing all these passive income streams and make a strong setup of your brand.

  1. Which passive income idea works better for a beginner?

    Affiliate marketing is the best option if you want to start an extra passive income source.

Share with your loving ones who wants to get financial freedom.

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