How to Start Affiliate Marketing Blog in 6 Steps

Step 1: Finding Your Niche

Your whole outcome depends upon your niche.

A niche is a specific segment in the online market that covers the content specifically around a single product but not the whole industry.

For instance, technology is a very broad niche, if you’re a beginner you shouldn’t go with this niche. Because it’s highly competitive and the success rate is very rare.

But the sub-niches of technology may be very profitable for you.

For instance, if start your blog on the keyboard or mouse or data cables, the success chances are very high.

You can read our Ultimate guide on The best affiliate marketing niches.

Some prerequisites must be fulfilled before jumping randomly into any niche.

  • Go through with your passion or skill. Start a niche in which industry you’re interested and passionate to write more and more about that segment. You may go through with your experience-based skills or have a proper knowledge of any particular field.
  • Check out the competition related to your field. Analyze other players who are working in the same niche, and observe all the key elements(Content, keywords, topics, and so on) that will take you to the top of the search engine. Google Trends and Ubbersuggest are free tools that you can utilize for this purpose.
  • Examine the market demand. when you start any niche firstly, explore the search volumes related to your industry, it will show you the profit and sustainability of your niche. Evergreen niches (Health, education, parenting, home decoration) are more sustainable than others.

Step 2: Choose a platform for Your content

The second step is to choose a platform where you will publish daily based content with your audience.

You have two ways either you can choose social media forums or a personalized website.

Social media sites have millions of traffic where you have very high earning potential as per your engagement with the public. but keep this point in mind that every social forum has a presence of different age groups, so you should target the audience wisely.

For instance, you can create a YouTube channel where you promote specific links to your viewers.

To target a professional audience you should move to LinkedIn, whereas youngsters are active on Instagram and TikTok there are travelers, and fashion lovers while on the latter forum, there are teenage girls whom the beauty niche bloggers pitched them a lot.

Honest advice

In the initial phase move to one social media forum because every forum has a different optimization strategy it may be a distractive and hurdle for you to run all at once.

Start with such a forum whose basic optimization strategy is easy for you or with whom you’re familiar very well.

The second option is to go with a professional website that makes your business more credible and profitable.

The process of creating a personalized platform is quite easy

Affiliate program links of these sites are in the footer of the sites.

You can guess that 65% of affiliate marketing bloggers get high traffic on these platforms and attract them for the long term.

Step 3: Join an affiliate marketing Program of your Niche.

After choosing a niche in the category of Health, Wealth, and Relationships with a good domain name, you have to take the next step of choosing the right product for your audience.

While picking the right product you can select physical products or you can go with the digital products.

As the products have different appearances their affiliate programs also vary from each other.

Before we move ahead to their programs it’s a must to keep these regulations in mind before joining any program.

Know the cookie period:

Tracking cookies are attached to your affiliate links when you join any affiliate program by which your sales are recognized easily and you get the credit of sales. All the affiliate programs have different cookie times that could last from 30 to 90 days. less duration, as well as more both, are effective for an affiliate to convince his audience to buy through his referral links.

Check Out Commission Rates

Almost every affiliate program has a different commission system as per their industry.

Some companies provide one-time commissions on their products while some give recurring commissions.

Those products that have subscription-based programs charge their customers monthly, on such programs, you can earn a recurring commission if you promote such products with your audience.

Through a broader lens, we can categorize such products into three types for better understanding.

  • More audience More commission: These programs are highly competitive due to high search volume such programs provide High commissions to their affiliates, for instance, Web hosting and credit card affiliate programs.
  • More Commission Low Searches: In these programs, you can generate high commissions with fewer sales jewelry and watches are the best examples of such programs.
  • Low Commission High Audience: In this category, affiliates are paid little commission but have access to numerous products that they can promote easily. Thus, succeeding in this category requires a lot of effort and content to get the desired earning potential. Amazon associate is the best example in this domain.

Select a trustworthy merchant:

This aspect is also very crucial while partnering with any merchant. A good merchant can become your long-term passive income source once you refer anyone to his product.

In contrast, if you do not choose the right and trustworthy merchant you have the chance of losing the trust of your audience and they will never trust your referrals at all.

You can easily know about their credibility and functioning through social media sites discussions, reviews, and other brand recommendations.


Also, check your selected program’s support options, and what they are providing extra to market their programs such as banners, workshops, and visuals. For example, after joining the Bluehost affiliate program you will find very quick support from their side.

Step4: Design your website:

Your site or blog will be your property you can promote anything with any tactic as per your wish no one can interfere in your practices, it will be also a central platform along with your social media forums.

You can drive all the social media forums traffic to your site where you can take a lot of benefit from this traffic with various monetization methods.

While creating your website these are some essential requirements

Pick a Domain for your site:

This domain name will be the online identification of your blog by which people can search your blog for example,, and

Get The Webhosting:

web hosting provides space for your blog files and keeps the record of your activities safe by charging a small amount to you.

In the market, there are many web hosting providing companies but the top and most reliable hosting-providing companies are Bluehost and Hostinger.

Bluehost is recommended because of its fast chat support and fast-speed services.

while Hostinger is recommended due to its cheap hosting plans fast speed and very affordable for beginners.

Choose a CMS platform

CMS refers to a content management system, that provides us with a platform for writing content through drag-and-drop functions. we aren’t required to code our websites from scratch, it provides all basic customization and full flexibility and a lot of free plugins to run a blog very smoothly.

WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms where every day a millions of websites are published.

It’s also the best option for a beginner to start blogging on WordPress and keep the whole control of the website in your hands.

Customize your site with themes and plugins.

Your whole blog look depends upon the theme, the theme is just like the clothing of human beings.

All the fonts, content setups, page setups, color codings, and interfaces are customized and applied as per the theme’s features.

All the themes have different features and interfaces but the basic technical things remain the same.

GeneratePress is one of the best themes for a blog with very easy technical stuff and an optimized theme.

Step 5: Write Valuable Content

Your content is your main converting magnet that will change your blog readers to your affiliate customers.

Write such content that will fulfill the needs of your readers, don’t publish irrelevant content to your niche it will affect your blog’s traffic and audience.

Before publishing any post firstly go with the keyword research about that particular topic what the people are searching on Google or asking or trying to know.

For proper keyword research, you can start with Google Keyword Planner and Semrush tools.

Keywords are the words that are used by people to find their required product on Google, when we apply these words in our content our content becomes visible on Google.

Your content should be well-researched with proper keywords that help your audience, your content should be related to your niche and domain.

Content can be written in various forms here are some clues to write amazing content on your site.

Review content

Mostly affiliate marketers prefer to write review content because people always prefer to read an authentic review before buying any product.

Comparison content

you can write comparison blog posts of various products that are similar and used in your niche or industry. In this type, you have to compare two similar products along with their pros and cons and convince the reader to buy any one of them.

Tutorial content

Write a detailed blog tutorial to educate your readers and efficiently provide authentic knowledge about a particular topic so that they will understand clearly and make a buying decision.

Note: Mention your affiliation with that product before sending a reader to the e-commerce site.

Step 6: Drive Traffic to your Blog

Now, the sixth step begins after the completion of well-written published content to work for getting traffic.

Getting Traffic is your ultimate goal for earning money online because the leads, conversions, and potential customers are within the traffic.

Organic traffic is the best way to boost your income source through your blog, firstly you have to understand the concept of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO).

The SEO-based strategy will increase your ranking and traffic, according to this strategy you have to focus on link building, organic keywords, website interface (should be responsive and mobile friendly) Keyword optimization.

The other mediums from where you can drive more traffic are mentioned below

Write guest posts:

guest posts are those blog posts that you post on the sites of others to get a backlink to your blog or site. Some site owners will charge a small amount while some will allow you to publish for free on their sites.

Stay active on your social media:

Increase the visibility of your brand everywhere on social media forums it will help you to boost the traffic source without any cost but all the forums will not allow you to promote any product openly they declare it a scam. You should drive traffic to your blog posts or a product’s landing page.

Join online discussion forums:

there are so many sites like Medium, quora, Reddit, etc where many people ask questions while some answer their queries. It’s also a recommended way to take participation on these sites.

Start email campaigns:

From the day first build an email list, now it’s the time to start an email campaign with valuable resources for those people who subscribe to your newsletter. These people are your highly potential customers who will increase the no. of traffic.

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