Sub-niches in Technology

Technology and Sub-niches in Technology

As the tech niche is concerned it’s a very broad niche and it’s not easy to for a beginner to compete with the giants already present in this market, and there are many sub-niches in technology itself.

That’s why we’ve decided to do a detailed blog about its sub-niches and we’ve come up with a list of sub-niches in technology.

It’s a beast when it comes to introducing its niches; it’s a broad and highly competitive niche. But selecting a sub-niche of it will be lucrative and profitable.

Currently, technology is flourishing around us. When you look around you will come to know only one thing i.e., technology. Your phone, applications, software in the phone, laptops you use, gaming tools, artificial intelligence(AI), computing gadgets, and this list keeps on going.

No doubt that it’s highly competitive but there is no doubt in it too that it’s the only market that is constantly growing and introducing new products almost every day. One can specify a branch or sub-niche in technology and rank in it.

The global recession due to the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the decline of almost every market, and so happened with the technology niche.

Potential and Depth of Sub-niches in Technology

There are a number of researches and reports that suggest that the technology market is gaining pace again. A list of reports is as follows;

  • Artificial Intelligence(AI) is heading to its peak and showing significant growth from 2018 to 2030 suggest different reports with little variations in figures, the global AI market size according to Bergur Thormundsson on Statista it’ll touch half a trillion USD by 2024 and 1.5 trillion USD by the end of the decade. Another report from Next Move Strategy Consulting reads that it’ll be near around 2 trillion USD (exact report figure 1.847 trillion USD) by the end of the decade.
  • A report from Statista reads that Mobile App Revenue will show an increase of 613 billion U.S. dollars by 2025 from 318 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, which was 258 billion U.S. dollars previously in 2019. The mobile gaming segment had the biggest figure i.e., 200 billion U.S. dollars says the same.
  • The Global EdTech. Market 254.80 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 605.40 billion by 2027 according to a report by Research and Market.
  • Revenue in the Global Software Market was earlier forecasted to reach US$659.00bn in 2023 (US$338.20bn by US only), the largest segment to grow was Enterprise Software which was projected to show a market volume of 271.80 billion U.S. dollars by the same year, but now is further growth is forecasted with a CAGR of 5.4% and is will reach US$858.10bn by 2028.

The above statistical proofs of the growth of some of the prominent sub-niches in technology are clearly showing the potential of the technology niche.

Affiliate Marketing Techniques in Tech

  1. Reviews Blogs
  2. Versus Blogs
  3. News Blogs
  4. Tutorial Blogs/Vlogs
  5. YouTube

Above are some of the most used ways of promoting tech products by affiliate marketers.

List of Sub-Niches in Technology

Here is the list of sub-niches in technology we’ve gathered for our readers which are booming nowadays and simultaneously are expected to be most profitable for affiliate marketers in the current decade.

  1. Internet of Things (IoTs)
  2. Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  3. Softwares
  4. Computer Hardware
  5. Cloud Services
  6. Web Hosting
  7. Web Development
  8. Mobile Application
  9. Electronics
  10. EdTech
  11. AdTech
  12. FinTech
  13. Health Tech
  14. E-Commerce
  15. Gaming
  16. YouTube
  17. Wearable Tech
  18. Digital Marketing
  19. Smart Home Appliances
  20. Wireless Appliances
  21. Cybersecurity
  22. Video Recorders (Tools)
  23. Ethernet
  24. Machine Learning
  25. Cryptocurrency

Internet of Things (IoTs)

Internet of Things or IoTs is a sub-niche in technology and it refers to the objects/things/products around us connected with the internet, modern software, processing abilities, and other technologies.

A report by McKinsey Digital reads that the global IoT market is forecasted to reach 3.9 to 11.1 trillion USD by the end of this decade (2025-2030), which will be equal to 11% of the world’s economy.

Categories of IoTs Products include

  • Consumer IoTs
    • Home appliances – Light fixtures, Voice assistants, Doorbell cams and Smart locks, Smart voice & Simple voice controllers, Smart fire & Smoke detectors, etc.
    • Personal asset tracking – Kids, pets, smartphones, smartwatches, etc.
    • Connected Cars
  • Military Things (IoMT) – Human wearable biometrics, surveillance robots, locators, etc.
  • Infrastructure IoTs – Infrastructure sensors, management systems, etc., used in smart cities.
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – Smart fire & Smoke detectors, Digital control systems, Smart agriculture & industrial big data, etc. 
  • Business/commercial IoTs
    • Mall Security Alarms
    • Pacemakers
    • Monitoring Systems

The above are the five main categories of IoTs.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

There would hardly be anyone today who does not know what is Artificial Intelligence(AI), despite the fact that everyone is aware of it, I’ll still explain a little for you.

It simply is to make machines intelligent enough so that they can be used in doing the stuff that typically requires humans or human-level intelligence to do.

The AI segment of technology has been boosted since the launch of various AI particularly after the launch of a ChatBot i.e., ChatGPT by OpenAI in November 2022.

According to various researches, the global AI market is valued at 65 bil. USD in 2020, 95 bil. USD in 2021, 136.55 and 196.63 bil. USD in 2022 and 2023 respectively. The reports also mention that by the end of the current decade, this market may approximately range between 1600 to 1900 billion USD which is literally a mind-boggling spike in the number.

List of a few AI tools for affiliate marketing

  • AI Software
  • AI Design Tools
  • AI Marketing Tools
  • AI Writing Tools
  • AI Video Tools
  • AI ChatBot Tools
  • AI Games Tools
  • AI Machine Learning Tools
  • AI Developer Tools
  • AI Business Tools
  • AI Story Generators Tools
  • AI Image Creator Tools
  • AI Essay Writer
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