Types of affiliate marketing with examples

Affiliate marketing exists in various forms, but the fundamental principle remains the same, i.e., to promote another’s products.

Here, we’ll cover all the forms step by step

Let’s move ahead.

Affiliate Marketing with Blogging is the main type of affiliate markting

Content-based affiliate marketing is very popular in another form which is blogging

Blogging is the most popular form where affiliates earn huge amounts of revenue through writing blog reviews of gadgets, software, and many more tools.

In simple terms, bloggers promote various products on their blogs and redirect readers to product-selling sites.

Bloggers embed many affiliate links in their content to get commissions from the company’s side.

People search for various products on the search engine and land on review sites, these sites provide information with quality content and do affiliate marketing.

Take the example of Adam Enfroy very famous blogger and affiliate marketer on the web, who promotes different software through content-based affiliate marketing.

Content-based affiliate marketing- how to start affiliate marketing
Content-Based affiliate marketing

As you can see here in this image Adam Enfroy is promoting 3 SEO tools through content-based affiliate marketing.

He is providing quality content to his readers and redirecting readers through his affiliate links to the product page.

He is earning more than three hundred thousand dollars monthly through content-based affiliate marketing from his blog.

You can start your blog and start promoting products with your content. This type of marketing is very profitable you can read more about How to start an affiliate marketing-based blog

Affiliate Marketing with PPC ( Pay Per Click)

PPC stands for pay-per-click. PPC affiliate marketing is an online marketing business in which an advertiser pays a fee when anyone clicks on his displayed ads on search engines.

PPC marketing ads are used on various forums, these ads are shown on websites, and social media forums as well as on Google in different forms.

These ads are used for physical products, hosting companies, or any marketing tool that allows PPC marketing for their brands.

Affiliate marketers run ads on PPC-based programs, which allows them to show ads because sometimes product owners run ads by themselves. When any affiliate runs ads for such a program it goes against the marketing policies of that brand.

Still, affiliates can do research for such programs, and after joining them you have an opportunity to earn a commission.

Many networks provide an opportunity to show ads as a publisher, but Google Ads is the biggest, most reliable, and easiest platform, giving access to many analytical tools for observing the activities of your traffic.

pay per click programs
Affiliate marketing as Pay-per-click ads for Hostinger

If you’re more interested in pay-per-click marketing, you can read our Ultimate PPC guide.

Affiliate marketing as an Influencer marketer

The excessive usage of social media paved the way for influencers to do affiliate marketing.

An influencer marketer is a person who has a lot of influence over an audience on his social media forums like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian

Affiliate marketing as an Influencer marketing

These influencers create a lot of content daily stay engaged with their audience promote self-interested products to their audience and earn a lot of commission.

If you’re going to start influencer marketing you have to follow some basic points.

For example, if you want to be active on Instagram you must do affiliate marketing with these tactics.

  • Promote the product of any company by tagging the name of the product
  • Embedding affiliate links in your content bio
  • using IGTV and Instagram stories to talk about products

Nowadays influencer marketing has a broad scope to do affiliate marketing in any specific niche.

Even the Common people have a huge number of followers but the task is to promote products with them a take benefit of it.

Affiliate Marketing with Microsites

Microsites or minisites are specific sites along with your main brand site that is based on some web pages and focus only on a

  • Targeted product
  • Campaign
  • A single event
  • Branded content for a specific niche

These sites can be created with a new domain name or a subdomain of your main sites.

Affiliate marketers mostly work on such sites and earn commissions by recommending only a single product category. The benefit of microsites is that Google ranks such sites quickly so that the affiliates beat traffic easily.

Here you can guess how the microsites look, shaveguru.com mainly talks about various shavers and helps the customer buy the right shaver.

affiliate marketing with microsites
Affiliate marketing with microsites

If you’re a beginner and don’t know all the stuff you must start your business with these sites because they give ROI quickly.

You should start your micro affiliate site with some of these tips.

  • Start writing detailed content about your selected topic, product, or event.
  • Mention all the best features of your product honestly.
  • Select various products of the same niche but pick from different brands.
  • Write honest reviews of products and compare them based on their features and prices.

Amazon affiliate marketing

Referral links are provided by different affiliate networks for promoting any selected brand’s services.

For example, when you join the Amazon associate program, you can select a product that is similar to your niche.

Amazon will allow you to promote you on

  • Social Media platforms
  • Youtube channel
  • Blog
  • Other social forums
Amazon affiliate marketing
Your referral link will be like that

While promoting referral links directly here and there on social platforms, you must understand the basic rules of these platforms

All platforms don’t allow you to promote directly, they consider it spam. You have to write briefly about your product and create a landing page between the product page and that social media forum. Create any CTA in your brief content so that the reader will land on your landing page and share Gmail with you by which you can retarget them again.

If you have your own YouTube channel you can directly promote the referral links in the description of your content.

Affiliate Marketing websites.

Every online marketing guy puts efforts to get customers from social media sites like Medium, Quora, Reddit, Meta, and so on

If you don’t have a heavy budget you can utilize these mediums to promote your affiliated product.

PRO TIP: Share brief content with your readers through a CTA and land them on your landing page to get their email addresses.

This email will help in retargeting them through email marketing because if they purchased your product you get a little benefit otherwise you will lose a customer in the long term.

Share brief authentic content on these sites and build an audience on these sites then share the links of your new blog posts,

Affiliate marketing with email marketing

Affiliate marketing combined with email marketing can be an extremely successful approach to promoting products and services while earning sales commissions. Here are the measures you can take to include affiliate marketing in your email marketing strategy.

  1. Select a niche and look for affiliate items that are related to your niche. Look for products that have great conversion rates and good commission rates.
  2. Create an email list of subscribers interested in your niche. In exchange for their email address, you might give a lead magnet, such as an ebook or a free course.
  3. Choose an email marketing software: Select an email marketing platform that allows you to generate and send emails to your list. There are numerous email marketing platforms accessible, but you can start with Sendinblue if you are a beginner.
  4. Create valuable material: Create valuable content that educates and informs your subscribers about the products you are promoting. You can publish blog posts, movies, or podcasts that provide relevant information about your niche.
  5. Promote affiliate products to your email list by inserting affiliate links in your newsletters. Make it clear that you are an affiliate and that you will receive a commission
  6. Analyze your tracking statistics: Check the statistics of your results to know how your affiliate marketing tactics are performing. Monitor commission if they purchase through your link.
  7. Monitor your open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to determine what is and is not working.
  8. Optimize your email marketing strategies regularly to boost your outcomes. Experiment with different subject lines, email styles, and calls to action to see what works best for your audience.

By following these steps, you can effectively do affiliate marketing with email marketing and earn commissions on sales.

Writing reviews of your affiliate products

Writing reviews for affiliate marketing may be a strong way to promote products and earn commissions. Here are the methods for doing affiliate marketing by writing reviews:

  1. Choose a niche: Select a niche in which you are interested and knowledgeable. It is easy for you to write in-detail content that will be beneficial for your readers.
  2. Find suitable affiliate products: Find affiliate items that are relevant to your topic and that you believe will be valuable to your audience. Look for products with high commissions and favorable ratings.
  3. Use the product: Use the product personally so that you can write an honest and accurate review. Utilizing personally and then recommending will be very helpful for building trust in the hearts of your customers.
  4. Write a full review that covers all of the main features, benefits, pros and downsides, and any difficulties or limitations.
  5. Be objective and honest with your readers in your review.
  6. Include an affiliate link: Include an affiliate link in your review so that your readers may instantly buy the product if they want to. Here Again, include a disclaimer that you are an affiliate for that product.
  7. Promote your review on other websites: Drive traffic to your review by advertising it on social media, email marketing, and other channels.
  8. You can also use relevant keywords in your article to optimize your review for search engines.
  9. Keep track of your outcomes to see how your affiliate marketing efforts are faring. Monitor your click-through rates, conversions, and earnings to determine what is and is not working.
  10. Continuously optimize: To boost your outcomes, constantly optimize your review and promotion plan. Different headlines, calls-to-action, and advertising channels should be tested to find what works best for your target demographic.

By following these methods, you can execute affiliate marketing efficiently by writing reviews and earning sales commissions. Just keep in mind, to be honest, informative, and objective in your evaluations, and to always declare your affiliation to affiliation of products.

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